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Easy Ways to Conquer Time Management

Time management skills can be tough for students to master right away. They require some practice and real effort to get them to work. To get your child started, have them start with these basic time management tips.

Create a Detailed Plan

Knowing exactly what they have to get done and how much time they have to do it can help your child plan out their homework and study time better. They can create a weekly schedule that will allow them to make the most of their time, meaning they'll complete their homework, attend extracurricular activities, and have some time just to relax.

Take a Break

One thing many people forget to schedule is study breaks. These are very important and will help your child avoid getting overwhelmed or drained by their work. Remind your child to give themselves enough time to take a short ten-minute break every hour or so. This will help them give their mind a break so that they can return to their work feeling rested and better able to focus.

Be Flexible

Your child may have an idea of how long an assignment will take to complete or how much studying they will have to do. However, this may not always be accurate. Because of this, it's important that they are flexible and give themselves plenty of time, and maybe extra time, to complete all of their work.

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