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How to Write an Effective To-Do List

To-do lists are the perfect tool for students who have a hard time staying on task after school. Not only will a to-do list help keep your child's tasks organized, but it can also help them stay motivated through the evening. To ensure your child's to-do list is effective, use the following tips to put it together.

Choose Your Tool

The first step towards putting together an effective to-do list is to choose where to write it down. Anything from a traditional notepad to an app on your child's tablet can work, you just want to be sure that it's what's ideal for them. Physically writing things down is known to make remembering things easier, but some students will prefer to make an electronic to-do list.

Learn to Prioritize

Next up is ensuring your child takes care of their most pressing tasks first. To make this easier, teach them to organize their list with the most important items first. Prioritizing items and getting them out of the way first means your child will feel less stressed and pressured as they move down their list. At the top of their list should be items that need to be done that day and further down items that are due later this week or even next week. This will ensure they don't finish something that's due next week and run out of time to complete tonight's homework.

Be Specific

Making their to-do list as specific as possible is also a must because it will make it easier to see exactly how much they have on their plate. Instead of writing down something like Complete Homework, have them write down specific homework assignments. For larger assignments or projects, have them break them down into smaller parts. This can make a large assignment seem more manageable and less stressful.

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