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How to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer break is just around the corner. If your child is excited because they think this means sleeping in every day and playing video games, give them a little more to fill their days. To fight the summer slide and keep your child learning this break, add some educational fun to their agenda.

History Lessons

While some students love history class, there are plenty more who really don't like it. If your child doesn't find history interesting, turn that around this summer. Bring history lessons to life by taking field trips to local museums where your child can get an up-close look at important historical artifacts and recreations. You can also watch some historical films or even documentaries to explore certain periods of history right from the comfort of your home.

Science Practice

Science can be a tough subject for many students but finding fun ways to incorporate it into their day isn't too hard. There are plenty of science experiments you can try out with your child that are easy to do at home. Anything from baking to gardening involves a little bit of science, you just have to point it out as you do the fun stuff.

Stay Active

While your child may want to play video games and watch television all summer, getting plenty of physical exercise will also be necessary. Physical activity is a must for your child's overall wellbeing, so be sure they get some outdoor time. Whether they join a sports team or go bike riding with their friends doesn't matter as long as they stay active throughout the summer.

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