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Prepare Your Child for Preschool

As your child reaches preschool age, you and your child may both be dreading taking this step. Your child must take this first step in their academic career, but they will need your help preparing for it.

Work on Independence Skills

Before your child heads off on their first day of preschool, they must develop some essential skills to make their days easier. Since parents won't be there to help them tie their shoes, wash their hands, or clean up after playtime, these are skills they need to get comfortable with. They will have help from their teacher, but it's best that they learn to start taking care of themselves.

Role Play at Home

Starting school can be rough for students because this will be their first experience in the classroom. To get them more comfortable with all of this, role play at home. You can play the teacher and guide your child through what a day of preschool will consist of. This will also help your child get more used to the idea of having a teacher to listen to and classmates to engage with.

Develop New Skills

Finally, your child may not be used to having other children around, so they must develop social skills. They should be used to sharing, waiting for their turn, and making friends. It's also important for them to learn how to follow directions, complete tasks assigned to them, and wait for help since teachers will have many students to help.

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