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Don't Let Procrastination Become an Issue

Most parents know procrastination first-hand, but this doesn't mean it's an issue that should go ignored. If your child is starting to fall into the habit of procrastinating on homework, work on breaking this habit before it sticks. To successfully beat procrastination, use these tips.

Be Goal-Oriented

It may not sound like this will change much, but thinking in terms of goals can push your child along until they complete what they've set out to do. Creating concrete goals of what they'd like to achieve each day after school will keep them focused and organized, making it easy to stay on top of their tasks. Have them create a list of goals that is specific. For example, instead of 'completing homework,' they should define goals like 'complete math homework by x hour.' This will push them to get things done in a timely manner and cross each item off their list.

Set Deadlines

Deadlines will work in a similar manner because they will keep your child working against the clock. Since they know how much time they have to complete a task, they'll work without getting distracted for longer. In the end, this can mean more tasks getting done rather than being left for later.

Use Incentives

Finally, incentives can always urge your child to get their work done. You don't have to promise your child anything big for completing their homework, but something simple can do the trick. For example, if they're working on a large task, you can celebrate them finishing by allowing them to pick what your family will have for dinner that night.

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