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How to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

If your child isn't a fan of reading, this may be because they haven't been allowed to read for fun. Change their outlook on the subject this summer break by encouraging them to read things they actually enjoy. To help them find joy in reading, use these tips.

Take a Trip to the Library

Inspire your child to read by taking them to a place that is full of great reading options: the library! Take your child to your local library and allow them to browse the collection of books and other reading material freely. Let them know that they can pick out whatever interests them and read in their free time at home. By allowing them to choose their own reading material, you can be sure they'll be eager to get reading. If the library is hosting a summer reading program, why not sign them up?

Read on Vacation

If your family is planning to take a vacation this year, use this as a way to get your child reading. Whether you're heading to another country or just a few miles from home, encourage your child to do some research on your destination. As they look into your vacation destination, ask them about the currency, the history of the place, and what there is to do there. You can even let your child pick some activities for the family that they find through their research.

Combine Reading With Fun Activities

Reading is great because it can also be combined with more engaging activities. For example, if your child likes to bake, give them a recipe book and allow them to pick a new recipe to try out. If your child likes reading historical novels, they may also enjoy a trip to a local history museum. There are plenty of things you can do to make your child's reading come to life, you may just have to get creative.

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