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Use Mistakes  to Grow

Getting questions wrong on a test or making mistakes on homework can feel embarrassing to your child. It would be best to teach your child how to use these mistakes to learn and move forward. Use these tips to get them back on the right path.

Don't Focus on the Mistake

Red marks on a test or homework assignment can be hard not to get stuck on, but your child mustn't solely focus on the fact that they made some mistakes. Instead, have your child move past the red marks and towards figuring out what went wrong. Have them revise these wrong answers and rework the problem so that they can catch their mistake and avoid it in the future.

Avoid Getting Stuck

Getting a bad grade can really affect your child's self-esteem, so they mustn't get stuck there. Remind them that this is just one grade and that this grade doesn't define them. It's important to teach your child to speak kindly to themselves and use their mistakes as learning experiences so that they can only improve in the future.

Get Help

Learning to ask for help can be challenging, but it will pay off in the long run. Your child may be embarrassed to admit they're lost or don't understand a lesson, so you must let them know that being confused is a normal part of learning something new. Asking for help will only help them learn and make gains in their learning, so it's nothing to be ashamed about.

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