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Getting a child to read is one of the most difficult challenges parents have, no matter how much time they spend encouraging the habit. But it's also one of the most significant habits parents can instill in their children. You have to show that reading is a pleasant experience, although children may struggle with it at first. A good reader can understand the deep meaning of the text, and, hopefully, you can find it helpful. The easiest guidelines for introducing children to reading are as follows:

Lead by the Example

Children, especially the youngest ones, learn by imitation and, if they aren't used to seeing adults reading, it's challenging for them to get the habit. It doesn't matter if you read the newspaper, novels or if you read aloud to them. And any moment is good, in the doctor's waiting room, before going to bed and so on. Just make sure they see you read so they can pick up the habit organically.

Act the Story

If you choose to read to your children, it's recommended to play with the voices, intonations and emphasize the dialogues to characterize the roles. Bring the story to life. This way, you'll be creating lasting memories in your children.


Let the children choose their books and, if you have read new ones, talk to them about your findings to spark their curiosity. If they are the ones who decide, they will select books that interest them, and it will be easier for them to get into reading.

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