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Every year in March or April, school districts take their much anticipated "Spring Break".  This is generally when students, teachers, parents and families grab a much needed getaway to rejuvinate the mind, body and soul.  The Tutoring Center also recognizes the need to take a recess, if you will, to recharge our collective minds and energize our bodies. Our 2012 Spring Break happens March 19th through March 25th.  That will be our last holiday until Memorial Day, essentially the end of the school year.

Students should recognize Spring Break for another's the final significant break of the school year, before the 4th quarter grading period begins.  This is the last chance, students, to prepare for an ardent run toward your best grades yet.  If you're unsure that you're going to be giving your best academic performance, WE CAN HELP!  

The Tutoring Center, Columbus has been recognized by our families as a valuable education resource toward helping students succeed. Let's face it, school isn't easy for most students. Or, at least, not every subject is easy for most students. Don't let your student struggle unnecessarily. We make learning fun, without pressure, in a fun and rewarding atmosphere that enables our students to blossom academically. And, that doesn't just happen in Spring!  We're here year-round and many of our students attend long before the situation has become urgent. However, at this time of the school year, it can seem urgent.  There's still time...and we can help!  Just give us a call and we'll take it from there.


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