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How to Prepare for a Successful School Year

Before the new school year kicks off, be sure your child is ready to make a success out of it. To get them started on the right track, use these tips to prepare for their first day back.

Set New Goals

Get your child excited about the new school year by setting some goals. Setting school year goals can keep your child on the right track all year, so before the academic year starts, get to work on defining these. Ask your child what they would like to accomplish and turn these ideas into specific, measurable, and attainable goals.

Finish Summer Homework

As summer break comes to a close, check in on your child's summer homework. If you find that they haven't quite finished it yet, help them develop a plan to get it all done on time. Create a daily homework routine and divide their work up among the days they still have left in their summer break. This can make it all less stressful and more manageable.

Practice School Routines

If your child hasn't maintained their school time routines during the summer, now is the perfect time to transition back to these. Start by having your child adjust their bedtime back to a reasonable hour that will allow them to get enough sleep every night. It can also help to have your child get up a little earlier every morning leading up to the first day of school so that they don't struggle in the mornings.

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