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Easy Ways to Get Your Child into Bed Every Night

Getting your child to bed on time every night can turn into a real struggle no matter how young or old they are. If it seems like your child just can't get to bed in a timely manner, use these tricks to get them into bed and asleep faster.

Put Electronics to Bed Early

It can be very hard to pry your child's tablet from their hands, but this can make a huge difference when it comes time to go to bed. Since the bright, artificial light can negatively impact your child's ability to fall asleep and the quality of their sleep, it's important that their electronics are put to rest early. Find other activities that your child can perform in the last hour leading up to their bedtime so that they can fall asleep faster.

Get Rid of the Stress

Stress can really get in the way of your child being able to fall asleep. If they're having a hard time going to bed because there's so much going on in their head, help them sort out these thoughts and resolve some of their worries together. By removing this stress, your child will have an easier time settling into bed and falling asleep.

Create the Perfect Environment

Finally, your child's bedroom may be negatively affecting their sleep if it's not quite right. If your child's room gets too much light at night, is noisy, or is too cold, then your child may struggle to fall asleep. Make the conditions conducive to sleeping to ensure your child is eager to get into bed and get some rest.

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