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Tips for a Great Class Presentation

If your child has an important class presentation coming up, help them prepare for it. From what they use to make their presentation effective to how they present themselves, teach your child that this can all add up to a great presentation.

Design a Great Visual Aid

If your child's presentation will include a visual aid, help them create something that's visually appealing. To start, the amount of text your child will include should be limited. Too much text can make it visually unappealing and can tempt your child to read the information to the class rather than present it to them. Encourage your child to include images, charts, and graphics that will make the information more visual and easier to understand. Finally, encourage your child to use colors that go well together and use fonts that are readable from a distance.

Talk to the Class

A big part of presenting is talking to the class and engaging them. This means your child will have to talk to their classmates, make eye contact with them, and ensure they're paying attention. They can achieve this by speaking at the proper volume, standing tall, and not hiding behind a podium. Encourage your child to walk around in the space they're given and ask their classmates questions. This will help keep them on their toes and participating.

Practice Presenting at Home

Practicing at home is a great way to help your child prepare. Gather your family and have them be a practice audience for your child. Afterward, you can all give your child some feedback so that they can do even better next time. This will also help your child get more comfortable with the information they're presenting and with having an audience.

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