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Usually, teens and children tend to struggle and get used to managing their own when it comes to learning and working. Hopefully, this post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, will bring you some insightful tips to help your children be more efficient and disciplined with their time.

What’s a Self-Managing Teenager?

Self-managing teenagers are those who, according to their age, carry out their activities and workload by themselves; without people nagging them around, whereas their counterparts need supervision to get the job done, despite having the abilities and intelligence to perform them.

What Does Personal Management Entail?

For teens, personal management covers a wide sphere of personal care and hygiene, health, study time and organization of academic work, schedule planning (daily and weekly), and leisure time.

How to start:

You can start by supervising those tasks whose delivery is not immediate; that is, the delivery of homework in the medium and long term, where students can get a little more confused. In general, the key is that the students, and some parents, have understood that it is not a vacation but an exceptional situation that will spark new ways to work.

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