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Help Your Child Work from Home

Working from home may not be your child's favorite, but there might not be a way around it. As a parent, you can help your child adjust and adapt to this change. Use these tips to make this easier on them.

Put Together a Workspace

Your child will need a desk or an adequate substitute in order to be able to stay productive. If you have a desk in your home, this will work out perfectly, but there are likely great substitutes around your home. For example, your dining table can be perfect as can a breakfast bar. Just make sure your child has the space they need and a comfortable chair.

Make Time for Breaks

Your child gets breaks at school, so it only makes sense to give them these same breaks at home. Schedule recess breaks, a lunch break, and maybe even a couple of other short breaks they can use to recharge. Remind your child when it's time to take a break since they may not notice it's time.

Check-in on Your Child

It can be hard to adapt to these changes, so it wouldn't be a surprise if your child is struggling. It's important that you check in on your child and ask them how they're feeling. Listen to what they have to say and don't ignore their feelings. Do your best to comfort them and keep them motivated.

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