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Tips for Improved Handwriting

Neat handwriting may not be one of your child's priorities, but it is a skill students must master. Not only can messy writing look sloppy, but it can also lead students to lose points on tests and on their homework if the teacher isn't able to make out what's written. To prevent this, check out these handwriting tips.

Slow and Steady

If you notice your student rushes through their homework in order to have more free time, chances are this is what is causing their handwriting to look untidy. Instead of simply ignoring this and trusting they can write neatly when they want to, have them redo their work until it's easily readable. This will teach them to slow down as they write and get it right the first time.

Get the Perfect Grip

Younger students who are just developing their writing skills may not have complete control over how they grip their pencil yet. This lack of control can cause them to have a harder time forming letters like they want to. If you notice your child keeps dropping their pencil or their grip keeps slipping, look for ways to help them get a better grip. Although it may seem minimal, this can lead to major improvements in their penmanship.

Practice Handwriting Skills

Neat handwriting doesn't just come naturally to young students, so practice is a must. Look for worksheets that allow your child to practice tracing over letters so that they can start to gain more control over their writing. Lined paper is also a great tool that can help your child practice creating neater, more uniform letters.

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