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Fun Ways to Encourage Your Child to Practice Writing

Writing may not be something your child wants to practice in their free time, but they must do it. If you're looking for fun ways to encourage your child to improve their writing skills, try out these tips.

Use Images to Inspire Their Writing

If your student doesn't like to write simply because they don't have anything to write about, look for new ways to get them inspired. This can be as easy as setting up a writing challenge for your family. Show everyone an image and have them come up with a short story that incorporates this image. Afterward, have everybody read theirs and choose a winner.

Teach Them about Persuasive Writing

If your child has been asking for a new video game, gadget, or anything else, tell them to convince you by writing a persuasive argument. They may not love the idea of doing this, but it's great practice. Compelling writing will be essential in their life, whether it's in high school or when applying to scholarships for college. Help them develop their argument and supporting evidence so that they become great persuasive writers.

Have Fun with Writing

Finally, writing should be fun for your child to be inspired to do it more often. Academic writing is a must, but make space for fun writing activities too. Encourage your child to write for themselves as well so that they feel free to write about anything without worrying about being corrected.

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