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Are exams near, and are you worried about your grades? The Tutoring Center, Columbus, has some pointers on studying for upcoming tests that are guaranteed to contribute to your study sessions.
  • Make summaries and visual outlines
  • Identify key concepts
  • Take quick reviews of your notes
  • Read aloud
  • Try different memorization techniques, in case you have to learn complex formulas or processes, relating them to topics of your interest
  • Eliminate any digital distractions that could interrupt your study session
  • Think of possible questions and answer them as if you were taking a test
  • Plan and organize your time and study topics
  • Get enough rest without exceeding your eating or sleeping hours.

Take Classes with Tutors and Private Teachers

Studying alone or in a group with your classmates is an excellent strategy to test your knowledge. However, the day before that important exam, if you want to be sure and learn more efficiently, it's advisable to take private classes with experts in their field and the subject you need to pass. Plus, private teachers know study techniques and methods for quick memorization, and you can consult all your doubts with them before presenting.


Studying for an exam can be very demanding, but don't let anything stop you. Keep looking for techniques on studying for an exam that fit your way of learning to make the most of your skills.

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