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Reading is like a brain workout, and if you help your children keep their minds busy with this activity, you'll be promoting their continuous development. See, reading and learning go hand in hand as this activity expands vocabulary, cultivates imagination, and encourages empathy, among many other benefits. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, and learn how you can instill this habit in your children during the summer break.

Reading Aloud

Reciting the text aloud helps with diction and oral comprehension. In general, practicing this habit in any way they like will activate the brain and improve communicative abilities while consolidating previous knowledge.

Add Reading to Their Daily Routine

During the summer, parents must help children set small intellectual routines that incorporate both reading and learning to promote their constant development. In that sense, prioritizing reading comprehension is an effective way to keep on learning even in the summer break and get ready for the start of the course.


The summer break is a great time to stimulate children's curiosity and their abilities through reading. Parents can help their children find books on exciting topics to learn from them in their spare time. In this way, they'll get to expand their knowledge on their own and promote a self-taught attitude. Reading is an excellent ally that encourages intellectual and emotional growth. It doesn't matter what reading strategies are used, whether reading short stories or books, because it's the child himself who acquires this habit for the mere pleasure of reading.

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