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Fun Activities That Are Also Educational

One of your biggest concerns this summer may be preventing the summer slide. In order to keep your child from losing valuable information they learned during the school year, you'll have to keep them learning. To make this fun, use these tips.

Solidify Writing Skills

Younger children can benefit from activities that encourage them to practice their writing and spelling skills. An easy way to make this fun is by grabbing some chalk and heading outside. Let your child write on the sidewalk and let them get silly with it so that they also have fun. You can also have them write letters to their friends and mail them. It can be exciting to wait for a response in the mail, which makes it even more fun.

Use Your Math

If your child needs to practice basic math, they can do this during a shopping trip. Give them a calculator and the task of calculating how much an item will cost after a discount. They can also figure out how much change you should get back on cash purchases or how much produce will cost after weighing it. These small challenges will keep them on their toes and practicing important math skills.

Kitchen Laboratory

Science can be a tough subject to get children interested in. However, with the right tools, you can make it exciting. Turn your kitchen into a laboratory and try out some simple science experiments. You can try tie-dying clothes with vegetables or even just mixing colors to create new colors. Just make you explain the science lesson behind it all.

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