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Studying with strategy means planning, regulating, and evaluating your children's learning process constantly. A correct study method helps organize information in the brain instead of simply storing it. There's no consensus on studying for an exam, but some general guidelines help students face it with strategy.

How to Study for a Test: General Guidelines

Study Autonomously

Parents shouldn't study for their children. It's essential to teach them to learn by themselves, without assuming the study role for them. Parents must accompany them until they get used to a study routine and, from then on, be available for their doubts and queries if they arise.

Summarize and Underline

Many children find summarizing helpful. Many people use this technique to highlight what they have learned in class or underline what's most important, such as a phrase or word associated with the content. This will help them make the most of their time when studying for their final exams.

Improve Concentration by Writing

Writing by hand refreshes memory and stimulates the ability to think, reason, and focus. Writing with pencil and paper promotes concentration and learning more effectively than using a keyboard.

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