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Easy Ways to Conquer Exams Season

It's no secret that students can get very stressed out when they have exams coming up. If this sounds like your child, check out these tips to help them have an easier time with their exams.

Take a Break from the Screen

There are plenty of study tools your child can find online or in their phone's app store, but too much screen time won't be great. Staring at a screen for long periods of time can be exhausting for your child's eyes and for their mind, which can get in the way of their studying. Encourage your child to step back from the screen and use traditional tools for a bit. Reading out of a book and taking notes on paper with a pencil can be just as great and in some cases better than reading from a screen and typing notes.

Study With a Goal in Mind

Before your child starts a study session, they should have a goal in mind. Their study session should focus on achieving this goal so that they aren't just aimlessly studying. This can be anything like learning a certain formula or learning what countries were involved in a certain conflict. This will help them learn something specific that will be useful for an exam.

End Study Sessions on a Positive Note

Finally, when your child is finishing a study session, have them share a few things they have learned with you. This will help your child see that they are making progress which can help keep them motivated to continue studying.

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