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Origami is the set of techniques that allows you to make figures on paper by folding the material without making cuts or using glue. Origami comes from Japan, and, in addition to being entertaining, it has several benefits that range from stimulating creativity, coordination and improving...

Reading is like a brain workout, and if you help your children keep their minds busy with this activity, you'll be promoting their continuous development. See, reading and learning go hand in hand as this activity expands vocabulary, cultivates imagination, and encourages empathy, among many...

Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

When writer's block hits, it can seem impossible to overcome it. If your child is getting stressed because they can't seem to get into the right space for writing, teach them these tips.

Take a Step Back

When your child is feeling frustrated because of writer's...

Stress Management Tips

Students who are getting ready to take the SAT can often get test-taking anxiety and plenty of stress. If this sounds like your child, help them move past their stress with these simple tips.

Create a Study Plan

The SAT covers a lot of material, which can stress your child...

Help Your Child Write Their Best

For students, it can seem near impossible to write a five-paragraph essay, so it's important to remind them that it gets easier with practice. After all, becoming a better writer is a lifelong practice that requires work. To help them get on the right track, use...

Signs that Point to Burnout

Burnout is not that uncommon in students, so it's important to know what signs to look out for. To help you detect burnout in your student, use these tips.

Constant Fatigue

Students will often be tired because they have so much on their plate. Beyond just academic...

Use Mistakes  to Grow

Getting questions wrong on a test or making mistakes on homework can feel embarrassing to your child. It would be best to teach your child how to use these mistakes to learn and move forward. Use these tips to get them back on the right path.

Don't Focus on the Mistake


Prepare Your Child for Preschool

As your child reaches preschool age, you and your child may both be dreading taking this step. Your child must take this first step in their academic career, but they will need your help preparing for it.

Work on Independence Skills

Before your child heads off on...

Tips to Keep Your Child Going Towards the Finish Line

At the midway point of the school year, students can find themselves feeling unmotivated and just tired. This can negatively affect their performance, so it's best they find ways to work around this. Help your child stay motivated this year...

Habits to Help Your Child During the School Year

School is meant to be challenging, but this can cause your child to feel stressed and give up. Luckily, there are plenty of habits your child can develop to keep them on top of all their schoolwork. To ensure your child is able to perform at their...


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