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How to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

If your child isn't a fan of reading, this may be because they haven't been allowed to read for fun. Change their outlook on the subject this summer break by encouraging them to read things they actually enjoy. To help them find joy in reading, use these...

How Math Classes Can Help Your Child in the Future

If your child tries to run every time you mention math, then they probably also like to mention that they won't actually need math in the future. This is far from true, so help your child see how math can help them in the future by giving them...

Tips for a Great Class Presentation

If your child has an important class presentation coming up, help them prepare for it. From what they use to make their presentation effective to how they present themselves, teach your child that this can all add up to a great presentation.

Design a Great...


How to Write an Effective To-Do List

To-do lists are the perfect tool for students who have a hard time staying on task after school. Not only will a to-do list help keep your child's tasks organized, but it can also help them stay motivated through the evening. To ensure your child's to-do list...

Tips to Help Your Student Prepare for the SAT

Students who are planning on going to college very likely have taking the SAT in their plans. If your child is getting close to their SAT test date, help them prepare to take the test and get a great score on it with these tips.

Get to Know the Test


Reduce Your Child's Screen Time Using These Tips

Students nowadays tend to spend lots of time in front of a screen. Whether they're on social media, doing research, or playing video games, the majority of their day is likely spent absorbed in some sort of screen. Unfortunately, this can lead to...

How to Know If Your Child Is Burned Out

Unlike regular stress caused by an upcoming test, academic burnout is characterized by never-ending exhaustion. Some student may be feeling burned out but they may have no idea that this is a more serious issue. To help your child determine if they're...

Effective Time Management Tips

Students often complain that they don't have enough time to do everything they have on their plate. Most of the time, however, it's just ineffective time management that is making them feel like they don't have time. To help your child make better use of their...

How to Help a Student Improve Their Grades

If your child's grades have been dropping, there could be a number of reasons behind this. Before your child's grades drop further, get to the bottom of the issue to help your child get back on top. Use these tips to help your child improve their...

Tips for Improved Handwriting

Neat handwriting may not be one of your child's priorities, but it is a skill students must master. Not only can messy writing look sloppy, but it can also lead students to lose points on tests and on their homework if the teacher isn't able to make out what's...


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