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How to Prepare to Take a Test Online

Many students may not have a ton of experience with online tests. This means that when they are faced with one, they may have some trouble doing their best. To help your child be ready for an online test, use these tips.

Pick a Spot

Well before their test is due to start, have your child pick a designated test-taking spot. They should keep in mind that this spot should be far from distractions such as noise, people, the television, and anything else that will take their attention away from the test at hand. This spot should also be comfortable and have space for their laptop and other tools. During their test, keep foot traffic to that area of your home to a minimum and set some quiet hours for everyone in your home.

Prepare a Work Area

At least an hour before their test, have your child gather all the materials they will need and leave them in their work area. This will ensure they will have everything they need within reach so that they don't have to get up for anything. If your child will be working on a laptop, remind them to also have their charger at their work area just in case they need it. An even better idea is to keep their laptop plugged in so that they don't get surprised by a dying battery at any point during their test.

Use the Time Wisely

Finally, your child may have a harder time staying focused since the may not be used to working like this. Because of this, it's important that they keep an eye on the clock and know how much time they have to complete their test. Have them set a timer so they always know how much time is left.

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