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Make Moving to a New School Easier

If your child is starting the new school year at a new school, it's not hard to see why they may be feeling nervous. To help them feel more at ease about this change, use these tips.

Be Open About the Move

Sit down with your child and ask them about how they're feeling. Let them be completely honest while you simply listen. If they ask for advice, offer them some solutions to the issues they're anticipating. Planning ahead and letting them know that you're there for them can help them feel more supported and safe, making this change a bit less daunting.

Visit the New School

If one of the things causing your child to stress out is the new campus, take them to their new school for a visit. Having them get to know the campus layout before the first day of school can reduce their list of worries. Help them identify where they will have class, where they can get their lunch, and any other areas they're curious about.

Sign up for New Activities

Another worry your child may have is not having friends at their new school. Oftentimes, schools will have back to school orientations or activities before the school year even starts. Encourage your child to participate in these so that they can start getting to know their classmates. Signing up for extracurricular activities can also be a huge plus since they'll find students who share their interests and get them involved in the school community.

Academic Tutoring in Columbus OH

Enroll your child in tutoring in Columbus to help them stay on top of their academic work this school year. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH can target your child's needs, helping them reach their academic goals. To learn more or to schedule your free diagnostic assessment, give their learning center a call at (614) 459-0091.


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