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Tips to Help Your Student Prepare for the SAT

Students who are planning on going to college very likely have taking the SAT in their plans. If your child is getting close to their SAT test date, help them prepare to take the test and get a great score on it with these tips.

Get to Know the Test

Many parents may feel like they're familiar with the SAT because they took it, but the SAT has gone through many changes over time. Do the proper research to get to know what sections make up the test, the types of questions included in each section, the time allotted per section, and the skills being tested. It also helps to get know more technical aspects, such as whether or not wrong answers are penalized. Getting to know these basics will help make the test less intimidating for your student as they prepare to take it.

Be Prepared on Your Test Day

While studying is a huge part of doing well on the SAT, there are other factors to take into consideration as well. Being prepared on their test day is a must for students not only to calm their nerves but also to ensure they're allowed into the testing classroom. Put together a list of the items your child will need to take the test so that they don't leave home without them. This list should include number 2 pencils, an eraser, their student I.D., their admission ticket, and a calculator.

Practice Test Taking Strategies

Finally, along with studying your child should practice some test-taking strategies. For multiple choice questions, teach your child to use the process of elimination to increase their chances of getting an answer right. Time management skills are also a must. Have your child focus on answering the questions they know first before moving on to others they're not super sure about.

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