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How to Know If Your Child Is Burned Out

Unlike regular stress caused by an upcoming test, academic burnout is characterized by never-ending exhaustion. Some student may be feeling burned out but they may have no idea that this is a more serious issue. To help your child determine if they're burned out and subsequently deal with the issue, check out these tips.

What Is Academic Burnout?

Most students may have some stress to deal with, but academic burnout goes beyond this. Students who are suffering from burnout will feel consistently exhausted in all senses of the word. Your child will feel constantly overwhelmed, their physical health may suffer along with their emotional health and mental health. These aren't things to take lightly, so you'll need to help your child get through it.

Signs of Academic Burnout

Beyond the exhaustion your child will suffer, burnout often also leads to declining grades, a lack of interest in activities your child once enjoyed, and a sense of hopelessness. Students who are burned out may start to avoid friends and family, ultimately isolating themselves from everyone they care about. As the stress gets unbearable, your child's health can suffer, leading to them feeling sick constantly. Their concentration will be off and they may start to make small mistakes that are uncharacteristic for them.

How to Help Your Child When They're Burned Out

If you suspect your child is burned out, you will need to help them make changes to their daily life. Let your child know that their wellbeing matters more than their grades and focus on helping them get some much-needed rest. Time management skills can help them make better use of their time and setting more realistic goals can help them feel less stressed. Listen to how they feel and offer support when they need it.

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