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How to Choose a College Major

If your child is preparing to start college later this year, picking a major may be stressing them out. In fact, many students can even feel overwhelmed when facing this decision. To help your child feel more at ease and pick a major a that makes sense, use these tips.

Identify Interests

If your child has no idea what they want to major in, they still have time to figure it out. To help them find a major that makes sense for them, ask them to write down their interests. This can be anything from hobbies, classes they enjoyed, or careers they're interested in. Ask your child to list their strengths and weaknesses for each one as well as possible careers for each interest. Research these careers further so that your child can get a deeper understanding of what they consist of and what educational path your child would have to take. After this research, things may be a bit more clear for your child.

Think of a Career Path

If your child already has a career in mind that they would like to pursue, finding a major will be easier. If your child is interested in becoming a lawyer, for example, then they'll have to attend law school after getting their undergraduate degree. This means that they should pick a college major that prepares them for law school and that ensures they meet the requirements to attend law school in a timely manner.

Take It Slow

Finally, don't rush your child into anything. They don't have to declare a major before starting school, so they shouldn't feel rushed. In fact, they can start college undeclared and take general education classes while they decide what the right major is.

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