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Help Your Child Use Their Day Planner

Since academics are so demanding, it's no surprise students can have a hard time keeping up with all of their assignments. A day planner can help keep students more organized and on top of it all. To help your child make the best use of their planner, share these tips with them.

Write Down Important Dates

An easy way to ensure no important dates get past your child is by writing them down in a planner. At the start of the school year, have your child take note of important dates throughout the entire school year. This means writing down what day their final exams are, when they have major projects due, and even deadlines for college applications. They should also write a reminder that these deadlines are coming up a week before so that they're prepared for them.

Jot Down Daily Assignments

On top of these important dates, a planner is also the perfect space to write down daily homework assignments. Your child should write down every assignment they get so that they know exactly what has to get done when they get home after school. If they don't have homework, they should also write this down in case they forget.

Include Weekly Goals

On the weekend, your child should spend a little bit of time thinking about what they want to accomplish at school in the coming week. They can write down at least a couple of goals that will help them stay on track and motivated.

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