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Useful Study Tools for Students

Studying may no longer look like what most parents expect it to thanks to all the technological advancements in recent times. Electronics are no longer just toys and distractions, they can also be powerful study tools. Before telling your child to get off their phone or laptop while studying, check out these useful study tools they can use on their electronic devices.

Test Prep Made Easy With Quizlet

Quizlet is a great tool for students of all ages that makes studying much more fun and engaging. Instead of reading out a textbook or manually creating flashcards, use this app to do it all digitally. Your child can create flashcards or even games that will help them revise important information for a test. Your child can use their own notes to create a study set or they can look for one that already exists to study for an upcoming test.

Foreign Language Practice With Duolingo

Students learning a foreign language can definitely benefit from the practice lessons offered by Duolingo. This free app makes it super easy to practice language skills like reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and even speaking. No matter what level your child is at, the app has plenty of lessons that will help them reach a higher fluency. Since the lessons are short and can be accessed on your phone, this can be done anywhere, including while running errands, on a road trip, or any time your child is bored.

Cold Turkey to Remove Distractions

Since electronics are used to study more and more, you may be concerned about how often your child gets distracted by messages and social media. Luckily, a page like Cold Turkey can help cut out these distractions while they're supposed to be studying. Cold Turkey allows you to block pages for a set amount of time so that your child can focus on their study material. What's even better is that you can also use the mobile version so that your child's cellphone doesn't distract them either.

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