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Origami is the set of techniques that allows you to make figures on paper by folding the material without making cuts or using glue. Origami comes from Japan, and, in addition to being entertaining, it has several benefits that range from stimulating creativity, coordination and improving mathematical understanding through geometry. Origami means 'to fold paper,' and in its beginnings, it was a hobby reserved only for the nobles and the affluent due to the high cost of paper.

The Benefits of Origami

Furthermore, origami improves coordination as it requires the use of both cerebral hemispheres, making it an effective workout for the brain, just as handwriting is. Here's a detailed list of the benefits of origami for children.

Encourages Imagination

It stimulates imagination, as the child can make their own origami designs to create new figures. The ability to visualize and imagine is enhanced. It also develops manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. To create a perfect figure, you have to make the folds with care and precision. For this reason, it also improves attention.

It Develops Patience and Perseverance

The child learns that it may take several tries before the origami figure turns out right. He will get to learn from mistakes, something that will be very useful to him.

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