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Effective Time Management Tips

Students often complain that they don't have enough time to do everything they have on their plate. Most of the time, however, it's just ineffective time management that is making them feel like they don't have time. To help your child make better use of their time, use these tips.

Cut out Distractions

Some of the biggest time wasters your child may be dealing with are the distractions they're surrounded by. They may be spending hours completing their homework, but how much of that time is spent on the actual homework and not on social media? Not all students will have the same distractors, so finding out what distracts your child is key to removing their biggest distractions. Without these time-wasters, your child may be able to complete their homework in half the time they normally do.

Get Organized

Getting organized may seem like it has nothing to do with time management, but it actually plays a huge role in this. A cluttered workspace can be full of distractions while also making it harder to find the notes or tools your child needs to complete their assignments. If your child is constantly digging through a pile of loose papers while trying to find their assignments, have them sort these papers and organize them neatly in a binder. Not only will this be a time saver, but your child will also feel less stressed and anxious about their assignments.

Have Realistic Expectations

If your child has taken on too much and is having trouble keeping up, it may be best to drop at least one of their extracurricular activities. Having unrealistic expectations about how much they can accomplish in a day can set them up for failure, causing them to feel overwhelmed and even burnt out. With one less task, your child may be less stressed and make better use of their time.

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