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Encourage Your Child to Use Their Summer Wisely

During the summer break, most students will want to sleep, eat, and spend time online. While this may be a good break from school, it also won't lead to a productive break. Encourage your child to make the most of their break with these tips.

Have Some Goals

It's never too late to create some goals. This summer, encourage your child to create a list of goals they want to accomplish before the school year starts. These can be anything from academic goals to personal goals. Just be sure all of them are SMART goals that you can check in on periodically. It's a good idea to set some goals yourself so that you can both hold each other accountable.

Finish Summer Assignments

If your child was assigned summer homework, they're not alone. Many students will have to get some reading or homework assignments done during their break. Remind your child that the sooner they start their homework, the faster they'll finish. Once it's done, they'll feel less stressed and more prepared to start the school year.

Prepare for College

Students who are getting ready to apply to college can use the summer break to prepare for it all. Your child can use this time to study for the SAT or to research entrance requirements for the schools they will be applying to. They can even start applying for scholarships and get a head start on their college planning.

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