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Tips for Improved Mental Math Skills

If just the mention of math is enough to send your child into a panic, chances are mental math isn't something they're fond of. Help them improve their mental math skills and conquer their fear of math with these tips.

Have Fun With Math

Math may not sound like fun, but this perspective can be changed. An easy way to turn this around is by introducing your child to fun math games and activities that don't feel like work. Look for math games and apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet so that your child can practice their skills during their downtime. Games that are timed or that have a time limit are ideal because they will get your child in the habit of thinking fast.

Read Math Related Books

Math related books are a great tool because they combine two important skills in one. Look for storybooks that include math problems as a part of the story. As you read with your child, stop to solve these math problems before continuing to read. They'll probably want to solve these quickly in order to get back into the story, helping them improve their mental math skills.

Memorize Multiplication Tables

Simple math problems like multiplication tables or division should be memorized by students in order to simplify their math work. Memorizing these will take a step out of a longer problem, helping them solve equations faster. To memorize these, have some fun competing with timed multiplication tests that will push them to think fast.

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