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Help Your Child Stay Focused in Class

Many students are having to take their classes online. With this change can come many adjustments. If your child is finding it hard to stay focused, use these tips to help them.

Get Ready Ahead of Time

It may seem easy enough to turn on a laptop and sign in to class, but that doesn't mean your child should wait until their classes start time to do this. Be sure your child prepares for their classes before they're due to start. If they're using a laptop, they should have it and their workspace set up with their charger and all the supplies they'll need. They should also take a bathroom break or snack break before starting class so that they have no reason to get up and get distracted.

Keep Your Child's Hands Busy

Many students may find it challenging to stay focused on what's going on in class when it's all digital. They may start to fidget and lose their concentration as a result. To prevent this from happening, get your child some clay, a stress ball, or something similar to keep their hands moving. By channeling some of their energy into an object like this, they may be able to focus better.

Shorter Sessions

Not only are classes going online, but homework assignments are also being completed online. This can be exhausting for students, making it harder for them to complete it all in a timely manner. If your child is having a hard time getting things done, remind them to take a short break every hour. This will let them rest their eyes and refresh their mind so that they can get back to work focused and alert.

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