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How to Make School Mornings Easier

Getting ready for school in the morning can turn into chaos quite quickly. To make your mornings before school more enjoyable and more efficient, use these tips.

Prepare Early

To prevent your mornings before school drop off from turning into chaos, prepare what you can the night before. Your child's bedtime routine should have some time dedicated to preparing for the next day. This means having your child pack their backpack, prepare their lunch, and pick out their outfit for the next day. By having all of this ready, things will move much more smoothly come morning and your child will have more time to prepare without feeling pressured.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important for your child for so many reasons. Not only does getting enough sleep improve their mood, but it can also help their focus and concentration in class. On top of this, it will make your child less sluggish and cranky in the morning. Ensure your child gets to bed on time every night so that their mornings are smoother and less of a challenge.

Encourage Independence

If your child is still quite young and can't get ready completely on their own yet, start by giving them small responsibilities in the morning. You may have to wake them up and make sure they actually get out of bed, but they can handle things like brushing their teeth and getting dressed on their own. Even if these seem like small things, they can free up some of your time that you can use to prepare breakfast or to get dressed.

Academic Tutoring in Columbus OH

Tutoring in Columbus can help your child reach their academic goals this school year. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH to find the best option for your child. To learn more about these programs, give their learning center a call at (614) 459-0091.


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