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How to Read a Textbook Effectively

For many students, any homework that involves reading a textbook is such a bore. Since textbooks can be tough to understand, it makes sense that your child will be feeling frustrated before they even start. To make this sort of task easier for them, teach them these tips for reading textbooks.

Take Notes While Reading

There is a ton of information in textbooks, but the sheer amount in one paragraph can get overwhelming. To ensure your child catches the main points, encourage them to take notes as they read. As they take notes, they can simplify what they're reading so that they don't miss anything. They can later use these notes to study instead of having to re-read their textbook.

Absorb Information By Reading Aloud

As mentioned earlier, textbooks are packed full of information and may not be the most fun to read. Because of this, it can be hard to stay focused while reading. If your child has a hard time with this and ends up reading the same paragraph over and over because the information won't stick, remind them to read aloud. By doing this, they will definitely stay focused on what they're reading, guaranteeing the information is easier to remember.

Highlight Important Information

Finally, encourage your child to highlight the most important information as they read. If they need to go back to their textbook in the future, having this information highlighted will make it easier to find. Most schools don't allow students to write in their books, so use alternatives like sticky notes to highlight information.

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