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What to Do After Getting a Low Test Score

A low test score is bound to happen at some point in your child's academic career. Whether they're disappointed by a low score on a math test or on the SAT, this isn't the end of the world. Help your child move forward and do better in the future with these tips.

Figure out What's Behind It

Before you jump to conclusions and assume your child didn't do the preparation work, talk to them about what went wrong on the exam. It may come down to lack of preparation, but in some cases it can also be bad time management, test-taking anxiety, or not understanding the directions. Pinpoint what caused them to score so low so that they can avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Create a Plan of Action

Once you know what led to your child's low test score, move on to creating a plan to avoid this in the future. If your child didn't study enough, then you can come up with a daily study plan together so that they're always ready for an exam. If it comes down to test-taking anxiety, look for tips to help them combat this the next time around.

Look for Additional Help

In some cases, studying and preparing on their own may not be enough. If your child could use extra help, tutoring is a great option. A tutor can help your child work on those struggle areas holding them back from their best so that their next tests go great.

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