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Reduce Your Child's Screen Time Using These Tips

Students nowadays tend to spend lots of time in front of a screen. Whether they're on social media, doing research, or playing video games, the majority of their day is likely spent absorbed in some sort of screen. Unfortunately, this can lead to some negative side effects that include physical health issues as well as mental health issues. To help your child spend more time away from their screens, use these tips.

Set Limits on Your Child's Screen Time

To limit the amount of time your child spends staring at a screen, consider setting limits. Make certain parts of your home and certain hours of the day screen-free. For example, your child's study area should be a screen-free zone since their cellphone, tablet, and television can all distract them from their work. The hour before their bedtime should be a screen-free hour since the blue light emitted by their screens can make it harder for them to get a decent night's sleep.

Use Screen Time as a Reward

If your child has a hard time spending time away from their electronics, make these a reward they don't have access to until they've completed the necessary tasks. For example, your child's game consoles should be put away until after they've completed their homework.

Be Ready With Alternatives

Your child may not realize just how much time they spend in front of a screen, so simply asking them to stop can be tough. To make this easier on your child, provide them with alternative activities that will make them forget about their screens. Family game nights, trips to the museum, or even crafting at home can all help your child forget about their screens for a bit and help them develop new hobbies.

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