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Easy Ways to Stay Focused in Class

Students can often struggle to pay attention to what's going on in the front of the classroom. If your child has a hard time staying focused in class, this can be the result of any number of things. Below are some ways to deal with common distractions.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When a student doesn't get enough sleep, this can lead to difficulty staying alert the next day. Your child will feel tired and have a much harder time paying attention in class. They will also have a harder time retaining information, making homework and studying much harder and more frustrating.

Put Away Electronics

For many students, their electronics are basically like another body part. They may feel incomplete without their phone right next to them, but this can actually negatively impact their ability to pay attention in class. Encourage your child to keep these sorts of items put away and with the sound turned off.

Be Active in Class

When your child is bored in class, paying attention to the lesson can turn into a serious struggle. To make it easier, remind them to participate in the lesson. This can be anything from volunteering to read out loud to asking questions as the lesson progresses. By taking a more active role, they'll be more involved and have no choice but to pay attention.

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