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Tips to Keep Your Child Going Towards the Finish Line

At the midway point of the school year, students can find themselves feeling unmotivated and just tired. This can negatively affect their performance, so it's best they find ways to work around this. Help your child stay motivated this year...

Habits to Help Your Child During the School Year

School is meant to be challenging, but this can cause your child to feel stressed and give up. Luckily, there are plenty of habits your child can develop to keep them on top of all their schoolwork. To ensure your child is able to perform at their...

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Child to Practice Writing

Writing may not be something your child wants to practice in their free time, but they must do it. If you're looking for fun ways to encourage your child to improve their writing skills, try out these tips.

Use Images to Inspire Their Writing


Help Your Child Learn to Read

Learning to read can be tough for students, which can frustrate parents. Reading is a lifelong learning process, but it's important your child starts on the right track. To ensure this happens, use these tips.

Take Turns Reading to Each Other

As your child learns to...

Activities to Get Your Child Moving

Ensuring that your child gets enough physical activity every day can be a struggle, especially for working parents who already have a lot on their plate. If this is the case in your home, use these simple tips to get your child moving.

Fitness Challenges


Easy Ways to Conquer Exams Season

It's no secret that students can get very stressed out when they have exams coming up. If this sounds like your child, check out these tips to help them have an easier time with their exams.

Take a Break from the Screen

There are plenty of study tools your child...

How to Read a Textbook Effectively

For many students, any homework that involves reading a textbook is such a bore. Since textbooks can be tough to understand, it makes sense that your child will be feeling frustrated before they even start. To make this sort of task easier for them, teach them...

Signs That Your Child Is Under Too Much Stress

School may not seem all that difficult to you as a parent, but this doesn't mean your child feels the same way. In fact, many students can get overwhelmed by their growing workload and other school-related situations. If you're worried that your...

Help Your Child Stay Focused in Class

Many students are having to take their classes online. With this change can come many adjustments. If your child is finding it hard to stay focused, use these tips to help them.

Get Ready Ahead of Time

It may seem easy enough to turn on a laptop and sign in...

Help Your Child Use Their Day Planner

Since academics are so demanding, it's no surprise students can have a hard time keeping up with all of their assignments. A day planner can help keep students more organized and on top of it all. To help your child make the best use of their planner, share...


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