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ACT prep is probably the longest part of the college application process. In order to be fully prepared for your ACT, it takes month of practice and hours of getting ready. Unlike a lot of tests, the ACT is not designed to test your intelligence; it is more of a gauge on how good you are at that...
There’s no denying that notes are an important part of your student life (since they’re more than likely your main study material), which is why you should make it a point to write down effective notes. However, what good will those notes be if you can’t find them? Being organized with your...
When used correctly, television can be a great way to unwind, and/or to learn about the world. However, the problem starts when we don’t set limits, and we start pushing aside other activities in order to keep watching TV (especially when we have a child at home). This is why, in this post,...
Students have many academic assignments and many other responsibilities throughout their day, which demand a significant amount of energy and their full attention. However, a good night’s can help your children prepare for their daily chores. 

This activity is related to immune function,...
 Even though having specially credentialed and trained instructors here at The Tutoring Center in Columbus, Ohio, we still enlist the help of an intern or two. These interns are high school students who are interested in the field of teaching. They are Honor Roll students who are...
Stress is somehow associated with a negative frame of mind, however this natural body response can enhance the mental awareness and motivate you meeting certain deadline; this is also called eustress or positive stress. 

Additionally, there’s also the stress that doesn’t allow you to relax in...
Why is science education important? At The Tutoring Center in Columbus, OH, we know that It develops critical thinking and cognitive skills. Children don't have to learn how to wonder, discover, and explore; they do it naturally through play. But it is our jobs as parents and tutors to guide them...
We here at The Tutoring Center in Columbus know that you want the best for your child and that you want them to achieve great things. It’s understandable to be frustrated when presented with a disappointing report card, but there are a few things you can do to make the best of the situation.


 If you have a student at home, tutoring can be a great option for them (if they’re having a challenging time at school or not). This is because, as you may know, personalized tutoring can bring a myriad of benefits to your child. If you’d like to learn a bit more about what these are, keep...


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