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Tips for Helping Your Children Understand Social Media

Whether you use social media or you simply can’t understand the appeal of it, the truth is that your children are likely to be highly interested in it. From posting pictures to commenting on what their friends are doing, social media and its...

Simple Tips to Keep a Child's Mind Active and Healthy

Sometimes it may seem impossible to juggle all of your daily tasks on top of maintaining a healthy and educational environment for your children. That is why we at The Tutoring Center, Columbus would like to present you with a few simple ways...

New Year's Tips on Getting Back Into a Routine

Vacation is lovely for both parents and children, especially when it means loads of family time and presents from the holidays. However, it can be quite trying to get back in the swing of things when the break comes to a bittersweet end. Here are a...

How Our Tutors Build Rapport With Your Child

It is a known fact that trust is a very important factor in any relationship, but even more so when it comes to the relationship between student and teacher. We understand that leaving your child with a tutor for hours on end can be quite worrisome as...

How to Ensure Your Child's Academic Success

As a parent, at times it may seem impossible to juggle the everyday obstacles that life throws at you. With working full time jobs along with being a full time parent, it can be extremely overwhelming to even consider adding on to your already busy...
Finding ways to help your child improve their memory isn't always the easiest task, and can lead to a lot of frustration from both you and your child. For this reason, The Tutoring Center, Columbus has a few ideas to share when looking to boost your child's memory.

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Has your...

Improve Your Child's Concentration With Tutoring in Columbus

If you find that your child just doesn't seem to be paying attention or focussing on their studies as much as you know they can, you are not alone. If you have tried everything however your children still aren't engaging, The Tutoring...

Easily Provide Ways for Your Child to Learn Around the House

Whether your child is travelling through their regular educational path or they are benefiting from tutoring in Columbus, providing quick additional ways for them to learn around the house is a great way to bolster their learnings. For...

Find the Right Activity to Match Your Child's Learning Path

While there is no learning substitute for a solid educational path, there are ways for your child to boost their brain power while enjoying activities outside their traditional educational path. With this post, The Tutoring Center,...

Keep a Science Brain Active at Home

Science projects can be a great task - if you complete them. If you find that your child is science minded however you struggle to keep their attention, The Tutoring Center in Columbus has a few ideas for some projects to keep their brain active and focused.



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