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Help Your Child Prepare for a New School Year

Getting ready for the new school year usually means buying new school clothes and stocking up on school supplies, but there's much more to it than that. To help your child be fully prepared, use the following tips.

Follow a Bedtime Routine


Get to Know the Summer Slide

If you've heard the term summer slide but aren't quite sure what it means, you're not alone. This post can give you a basic introduction to the summer slide so you can prevent it from affecting your child. Keep reading to learn all about it.

What Is the Summer Slide?


Educational Summer Activities for Students

Now that you're a couple weeks into summer break, you may start to notice that your child is quite bored at home. Even video games and sleeping can get boring after a while. To help your child combat this summer boredom and make the most of their break,...

How to Get Your Child Reading Over the Summer

Getting your child to read over the summer may feel impossible, but it really isn't. If you have the proper tools and a good strategy, getting your child to read can be quite easy. To help you encourage summer reading at home, use the following tips.



Summer Goals for Students

Summer is a time for going on vacation and taking a break from all things stressful, but some structure is still needed. If your child gets bored during the summer because they don't have much to do, give them something to work towards by setting summer goals early in...

End the School Year on the Best Note

As the end of the school quickly approaches, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement. Help your child keep up and end the year on a positive note with these simple tips.

Stick to Routines

If your child has maintained a successful after-school routine or...

Encourage Your Child to Take Better Class Notes

Learning to take clear and concise notes early on can help students throughout their academic career. With that said, note taking isn't something that is mastered overnight. Becoming a good note taker takes time and work, but it isn't hard. To help...

Help Your Child Improve Their Writing Skills

If your child is just being introduced to writing paragraphs and longer written assignments, teach them to love this activity. While not all students are great at writing right away, you can help your child practice their skills so that writing is...

Get A Good Night’s Sleep For Better Results

With so many commitments, like sports teams, after-school clubs, and social activities, as well as what may seem like an endless stream of projects, essays, and other homework, bedtime can start getting pushed back later and later. But, did you know...

Tips for Students Preparing for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are not an uncommon part of a student's life. In fact, these types of exams are used to assess many things, including a student's growth, a school's standing, and are even part of entrance requirements for most universities....


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