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Keep Your Kids' Brains Active This Summer to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

If you ask any US school student what their favorite time of year is, they will all answer the same – ‘the summer vacations!’. Having time away from school over the summer is a dream for young people. However, it can be a nightmare for their learning. Researchers have identified a phenomenon known as ‘summer learning loss,' where students experience a significant decline in the academic level during the long summer break. Fortunately, it can be avoided. In today’s blog, The Tutoring Center of Columbus would like to share our top tips for avoiding summer learning loss.

Maintain Daily Study

Continuing to study formally for as little as thirty to forty minutes per day can be all that is required to stave off summer learning loss. To help your child keep up with their classmates, focus on any weak areas. Help them look through their notes to identify lessons which were particularly challenging, and ensure these receive particular attention.

Read Daily

Reading is great for memory function and can be a great way for your kids to relax. Provide an appealing selection of age-appropriate books to try and stimulate a passion for reading.

Write Daily

Keeping a journal is a great way for children to keep their brain active over the summer vacation. Provide them with a journal and set aside 30 minutes each day for them to write an entry. When writing a journal entry, encourage them to use vocabulary which they have recently learned.

Tutoring in Columbus

Summer tutoring in Columbus is a fantastic way to keep your child’s brain active this summer. The Tutoring Center of Columbus offers one-to-one instructional lessons to either focus on weaker areas or to ensure that your child continues to achieve top grades across all subjects. Call The Tutoring Center of Columbus today at (614) 459-0091 to find out more or to book a free consultation.


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