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The time has come when millions of high school seniors, and perhaps even some juniors, are beginning the process of college applications. The fall of your senior year is the recommended time to initiate this process, so you are still on time if you’re planning to start now. You are already aware of how to prepare for the SAT, and if you have taken it, congratulations, you have completed the first step. Moving on from there, The Tutoring Center in Columbus would love to share a few more helpful tips with you in order to clear up some of the college application confusion with our college application checklist. 

As we’ve already said, students typically begin applying to college in the fall of their senior year, but remember to check the application deadlines for any and all colleges you plan on applying to in order to know exactly when your application is going to be due for that particularly school. 

How do I apply? 

This question may differ slightly according to the college or university you are applying to, however there are many generalities here as well. 

- Start by making a list of approximately 5-8 colleges you’d like to apply to and make a list of their individual application requirements.
- Many universities offer discounts if you apply online, so check with the individual university to see about that; online applications are often prefered because they are easier to keep track of and review.
- For those colleges which will require a written essay for admission, create a calendar containing those due dates and work diligently to complete them on time to turn in your application. 
- It is OK to use some of the same information if the essays for the colleges are on similar topics, but it is important not to turn in the exact same essay to multiple colleges. 

Where should I apply? 

- Do not be afraid to apply to a college, even if you do not fit scoring requirements:
        - Those scores are suggestions and/or averages
        -There could easily be something in your essay or personal information that the college admission board wants present in their school

- Likewise, do not be afraid to apply for a few colleges out of your price range:
       - Look and apply for scholarships 
       - Also, do not forget to fill out your FAFSA form to see if you can qualify for financial aid

What’s Next? 

- You will most likely receive either an email or mailed letter within 10 days of the receipt of your application, just to notify you that it has been received. If you do not receive confirmation you should consider checking with the school.
- There is no magical amount of time you may have to wait to hear back from a school:
       - Some will begin to send acceptance letters soon after the application deadlines
       - Others, especially schools with very high application rates, may have a wait time of up to 5 months

We know that this wait can be very frustrating and nerve-wracking, but try to remember the importance of continuing to focus on your senior year and ensuring that you are prepared to enter college. One way you can keep your mind off of the waiting is by seeking assistance in a subject area of trouble. If you are not very confident in your math or writing skills, for example, remember that The Tutoring Center has several programs in place, as well as a tutoring staff prepared for one-to-one tutoring. Call 614-459-0091 to learn more about tutoring in Columbus.


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