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Educational Summer Activities for Students

Now that you're a couple weeks into summer break, you may start to notice that your child is quite bored at home. Even video games and sleeping can get boring after a while. To help your child combat this summer boredom and make the most of their break, check out these fun activities they may enjoy.

At-Home Science Experiments

Science can be a tough subject for many students, so it's no surprise that many of them are not fond of the subject. Change your child's perspective of science this summer by preparing at-home science experiments. Since science experiments are interactive and fun, most students love them. You can find tons of at-home science experiments online, like this one on how to make a greenhouse in a soda bottle.

Extracurricular Activities

If you're looking for a way to keep your child busy and learning this summer, extracurricular activities are the perfect solution. These can keep your child physically active and academically engaged all while teaching them useful life skills like leadership skills and teamwork. Let your child choose an activity they're interested in and show them some support as they make progress.

Reading Programs

Reading over summer break is essential in order for your child to avoid the summer slide. If you have a hard time getting your child to read, enrolling them in a reading program at your local library may be all the motivation they need. Oftentimes, these reading programs offer rewards every time a child reaches a reading milestone. Check with your local library to see what other events they may have going on this summer.

Tutoring in Columbus OH

Tutoring in Columbus is another great option for the summer months. If you're looking for the best tutoring programs around, check out what The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH has to offer. Learn all about their academic programs by contacting them at (614) 459-0091.


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