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How to Get Your Child Practicing Math This Summer

To say math may be the most unpopular school subject is probably an understatement. Most teachers have a hard time getting students excited over numbers and quantitative reasoning, but that's no excuse for ignoring math this summer. To help your child hold onto their math skills, find fun ways to get them to practice it. Here are a few easy suggestions anyone can implement.

Focus on Your Child's Interests

The best way to get your child excited about something is by focusing on one of their interests. Whether your child likes to bake, play basketball, or play video games, there are ways to incorporate math into any of these activities. Take basketball as an example. Sit down with your child to watch a game and ask questions based on the score, such as how many points separate the winning team from the losing team, how many more or fewer points their team scored this game compared to a previous game, etc. You can also play basketball with your child or some kind of ball game and have them keep score.

Take Math on the Road

If your family is heading out of town or even out of the country for a summer vacation, you can still have your children practice their math skills. Encourage your child to practice their money skills by giving them a daily budget for meals and souvenirs. They can practice time telling by being in charge of your itinerary. You can also ask questions about distances and measurements throughout your travels.

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