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How to Get Your Child Reading Over the Summer

Getting your child to read over the summer may feel impossible, but it really isn't. If you have the proper tools and a good strategy, getting your child to read can be quite easy. To help you encourage summer reading at home, use the following tips.

Take Trips to the Library

Your child may not be initially excited by the idea of heading to the local library, but they may end their summer loving it. Many students don't like to read because all of the reading they do is for school. Turn this around by allowing your child to pick any and all of the books they are interested in. Don't limit their choices and let them roam free in the library as they browse the selection.

Read Together

Children love spending time with their family, so why not turn reading into a family activity. You can spend one on one time with your child while taking turns reading out loud to each other from the same book. Another option is to have silent reading time at home and have your entire family participate. Doing these types of activities is all a great way to set a positive reading example for your child.

Books as Rewards

Students may often see reading as a punishment, which is why they associate it with all things bad. To turn this around by associating books with more positive things. For example, giving your child a book as a gift is a great way to get them to see books as a positive.

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