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How to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Reading

Reading provides so many benefits to a young person. It is a relaxing pastime that can help them to manage stress and improve their imagination. But, it can be difficult to get your child to sit down with a book when they would much rather be out hunting Pokemon. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take at home to help them to fall in love with reading. In this blog, The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH has three ideas to share.

Invest in Age-Appropriate Books

The key to sparking an interest in reading is to provide your kids with a selection of texts that are appropriate for their age. Most good bookshops have dedicated ‘child’ and ‘teen’ sections where you can find a great selection of paperbacks for all the family.

Read Together

If you start reading together as a ‘treat’ with your children from an early age, they will associate reading with positive memories. This will encourage them to keep reading as teens and adults.

Provide a Quiet Reading Space

It can be difficult to concentrate on a book if you are in a noisy environment. Try storing your books near a comfy chair in a quiet part of your home, and encourage your children to use this space to unwind.

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